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We are a small community nestled in the hills of Putnam County alongside the Kanawha River. Incorporated in 1952, Bancroft has maintained its small town charm and friendliness throughout the years. This truly is a place where everyone knows their neighbors by name. Whether it's worshipping at one of our four churches, playing with your little ones at the park, or simply watching the world go by from the comfort of your front porch, Bancroft is a town that focuses on the simple things in life - faith, family, and community.

Our Elected Officials


Donna McKneely


Marie Dailey


Bethany Adkins
Council Member


Thomas Frame
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Wallace L. Harper
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Jami Beth Hayes
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Emergency Services

Bancroft relies on county services for both emergency medical and police services. However, we are also proud to be served by our local volunteer fire department, Station 500, located centrally in town at the corner of Washington and 5th Avenue.

Putnam County Sheriff's Department

For any information related to law enforcement, the drug task force, or road patrol.

Bancroft Volunteer Fire Department

Protecting and educating Bancroft and surrounding neighborhoods since 1954

Putnam County Emergency Medical Services

Bancroft is served by Station 27 located in Poca.

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Andrew Phalen, a native of Nova Scotia, was the first resident landowner of present-day Bancroft. In 1845 he and his wife Elizabeth acquired a tract of land on the Kanawha River and established their home there. Soon after, upon discovering a seam of coal on his property, Phalen began a commercial mining operation. His enterprise would later be leased to the Energetic Coal Company, and in 1881 the area would be named Energetic. When the Energetic Coal Company was sold to Tom Bancroft, the town's name changed to reflect the mine's new owner.

Bancroft's coal mine was closed before the turn of the century, although mines in neighboring Plymouth and Black Betsy remained open for several more decades, providing employment for those living within the city. Bancroft was officially incorporated in 1954 with Bill Legg as its mayor. The town grew larger throughout the first half of the century, and by the 1950s had grown to support several businesses. Over the years, Bancroft has been home to filling stations, general stores, a marina, and even a movie theater. Bancroft School housed grades K-8 for many years, and the volunteer fire department was founded in 1954.

While Bancroft is no longer a mining community, memories remain of Bancroft's booming years and the vibrancy it experienced in the 20th century. Descendants of its founding families still abound in the area, and all one has to do to see reminders of Bancroft's years as a coal town is take a walk to its outskirts at Plymouth. While the mines may have closed, the town of Bancroft continues to thrive. Bancroft remains a close-knit community with a proud heritage, and we hope to share these qualities with everyone who visits.

Things To Do

West Virginia’s beautiful scenery attracts many people, and the area around Bancroft is no exception! There are lots of ways to enjoy nature and be active around our town, or simply unwind and enjoy time with one another. Residents of Bancroft enjoy boating and fishing on the Kanawha River, playing a game of pick-up basketball at the park, or enjoying a walk around the neighborhood with friends. There’s plenty to do in the surrounding areas of Putnam County as well.

Town Park

Visit our town park to get outside and have some fun!

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Outdoors is the place to be during any season of the year in West Virginia!

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Our community calendar keeps you up to date on the happenings in our town and county-wide.

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We love hearing from you! While we are not always in the office, we will be in contact with you as soon as we receive your message. Contact the Town of Bancroft by mail, email, or give us a call to share your concerns or get information you need. You’re also invited to our Town Council meetings, posted to the calendar, which normally occur on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.

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